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Found cats, kittens or bunnys?
Please check out how Q&A re cats, as the cats may be lost and need help finding home.  Read more here. 
Due to a intense kitten season with severe health conditions we are currently FULL! We are experiencing 3X more animals than last year :( 
We have a waiting list if you would like to be added.  We are experiencing high volumes of illnesses which is very costly and due to limited funds as a result of covid-19, we dont have the resources to help all right now.
We can however assist with desexing through Lynfield Vets

OTHER ANIMALS: Unfortunately we dont have capacity to take other animals, you can find those rescue on facebook or google by searching animal type and city

REHOME: We understand that since covid-19 there are many changes in homes, moving, relationship breakups and urgent moves and unfortunately the cats are in need of being rehomed.
We do not have the space to take in these cats however we are more than happy to advertise on trade me and facebook for you.  They are currently being adopted within 1-2 weeks of being advertised.
Please send details of the cat/s and bio plus location and phone number plus photos
Pet Whisperer Rescue Trust

Tel 022-482-1620


For rescue or rehome enquiries please

text HELP to 3165


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