Form for advertised pets only

**PLEASE NOTE - This form is for advertised ONLY so please state animals name. 
Any applications using above form for 'a kitten' etc will not be responded due to the large number of adoption enquiries sorry**

Info for Adopting

- Kittens arent advertised until they are over 1kg (9-12 weeks), rabbits about 5 months when they can be safely desexed and adults when either finished nursing or recovered from any illnesses.  Some kittens came from a litter of ELEVEN so they are taking alot longer to get to desex weight.

-We are not taking pre adoption/expression of interest of any kittens/cats/bunnies until we can advertise them.  They can have health issues during that time, may not survive or people simple dont want to wait until theyre ready and find another sooner **

-We ask everyone adoption criteria questions about your home environment so that we can match the right pet to your needs and home.  Eg a timid kitten is not suitable for a busy household with lots of noise etc.  Some may need inside homes etc due to their health, eye removed etc..

Due to the overwhelming demand for pets, we may get 50 messages for one kitten.  There will many others suitable for you home so please be patient


​COVID-19 info for adoption viewings

-ALL visitors to meeting animals MUST scan our QR code at foster homes or manual entry, Company name for manual entry is “Pet Whisperer Rescue Foster homes”
For best safety practice it is important that when a booking a viewing with any animal the following questions are answered before arrival to premises:
1. Are they feeling unwell with flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath or sore throat?
2. Do they, or has someone they have had contact with, have a confirmed case of COVID-19 or self isolating?
3. Are they, or is someone they have had contact with, currently undergoing testing for COVID-19 and awaiting test results?
4. Have they recently returned from overseas?
If YES to any of these questions, they can not visit the animal until its a NO to all questions

With the new vaccination protocols about to be introduced New Zealand wide, we will also asking if vaccinated for the safety of our volunteers.